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27 November 2015

style | not as keen as mustard

jumper + dress : h&m | boots : primark | backpack*: george at asda | lippie : sephora

in my day-to-day life, i usually wear a cross-body bag. i have done since i moved to london, really. i was warned originally about the threat of mugging, crime, etc, and so to ensure my personal safety way back then, the best solution was a bag that could be zipped up secure, and worn across my person to stop people trying to grab it. i don't know if that advice was sound, of if i've just been lucky, but so far: so good. 

so the decision to switch to a freaken backpack after all this time was certainly not one i considered thoroughly enough. last week i worked from home for a day, so i had to use a backpack to get my crap home, and back the next day. that night and following morning on the tube was a nightmare. having to take it off and put it back on again because of the amounts of audible 'tuts' from the space invasion was insane. that's karma: i'm usually one of those tutters.

so why - for the love of god ~why, did i choose to forgo my comfortable and reliable satchel bag for this tan, leather-look backpack over the weekend? greeeeat question. yes, it's bloody cute, bang-on trend, and it carries a lot more stuff than a cross-body bag, but, my my, how annoying to get in-and-out of all the time. and try and squeeze past people in a tight area. and realise after you've just put it back on your back that your oyster card is still inside it. euurrrghh, it's so cute, but i haaaaate wearing it so much.

also, i found this jumper in my jumper drawer and like, totally forgot that i owned it. i love it so much! it fits perfectly still, totally warm, but, like... such a wrong colour for my current hair sitch. gutted! want to wear it all the time. maybe i will anyway. *sassy emoji*

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