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9 November 2015

some happy things

insert witty intro here about how fun my week's been, then begin list of things that have made me smile:

baby time: i got to have some quality baby time with molly o on monday, and was pleasantly surprised when she did not a) throw up on me, or b) cry too much in my presence. small baby wins, and not a bad way to spend an hour of your third day off in a row.

on repeat: on tuesday morning, forty minutes into my journey to work, i realised i had had one song on repeat the entire time. it was further by don broco, a song i am so in love with, and so excited to see played live in december when bex and i check them out in broxton. that key change, whaaat!

red cups: ok, so all us basic coffee lovers were totes excited when #psl season came back around, but come november 1st the next sequence in the starbucks seasonal saga wass released: toffee nut latte and #redcups. kings cross station has a giant red cups installation that ~lights ~up when you use the hashtag. it's so basic, and i'm excited. 

excellent company: on thursday night i was lucky enough to be invited to the annual boohoo.com christmas party up on the 28th floor of the milbank tower by westmister bridge. the girls and i spent the night designing our own christmas jumpers, having our nails did (regrettable), drinking christmas drinks, and catching up with some fabulous blogging babes. then there was karaoke. not to mention the amazing views of london and its many fireworks displays (remember, remember), we had such a fab night singing and dancing the night away, that we literally were the last people to leave and i ~just managed to jump on the last tube. great night!

life, illustrated: not only that, but i managed to finally get some hugs in with the super talented ella masters, and have my portrait done by her. she was so sweet and lovely to chat to, and we've been chatting online for years, so it was really fun to finally get to meet her, and in such a special way. <3

shots, shots, shots: on friday night it was carmen's leaving drinks before she takes off for australia next week. also, she's started a new job! to celebrate both we headed to our old local - gem bar in soho, for far too many rounds of shots. it was great to see so many friendly faces again, and catch up with some old stories and great people. much love to old friends.

dia de muertos: zomg i am so lucky sometimes. on saturday i was one of six bloggers invited by three mobile to be official instagrammers of the wahaca day of the dead festival at tobacco docks. there will be a detailed post on this in the week, but needless to say, it was definitely a highlight, and a day i won't be forgetting for some time.

cracking face paint: dia de muertos! arrrrriba! tequila tequila! la cucaracha! omg my hangover!

winner winner! and i finally won a round of musical bingo! what a day to be alive!



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