style | dia de muertos

bag c/o joe browns | dress c/o george | shoes : new look | crown : primark | top c/o bonmarche

curses to the grey november days and the grainy old-phone-camera photos. time to whip the dslr out? oh, if only i knew how to use it, and it wasn't so big and annoying to use. pen olympus maybe? lol. who's got the money. anyway, instead, let's pray a new phone makes its way into my life soon ok. for now, lets talk about how amazing the sugar skull make up made me look (especially with the galaxy 6 edge's beauty cam shot.) at the wahaca day of the dead festival on saturday? i was lucky enough to be invited along with three mobile as one of six official instagrammers for the day, and so figured i should definitely try and dress the part.

knowing the make up was coming, and wanting to dress around that, i figured black and white lace would be best - but not without my signature pop of colour of course. when i googled dia de muertos outfits, i knew i wasn't going to be pulling of tulle or pom poms but i knew i could rock a great flower crown, and the images online reminded me of the pom-pom handbag i won at the joe brown fun fair a couple of months back, and i thought that would be perfect to compliment the monochrome. viva la pom-poms!

potentially the shoes were a bad choice. it was wet and windy on the way there, and pretty cool once inside the venue, and i am one hundred percent sure i would have been a trillion times warmer had i worn sensible shoes. and clothing, of course. because my wet winter coat was worn over this outfit for the majority of the day, which was a real disappointment! i definitely did not dress as themed as a lot of the other attendees, but i was happy enough with my last minute effort! 

it all certainly garnered enough attention on the tube on the way home... arrrrriba!