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6 November 2015

style | you gotta have heart

dress : new look (old) | boots : primark | jumper : h&m (old)

in keeping with my autumn colour post, i'm embracing the november hues, and have dug out all the berry and pastel pink and (new) black boots and have been wearing them all with pride. i rediscovered this jumper pre-bournemouth and was excited to wear it while keeping the breeze at bay at the seaside, decided it was being put into autumn rotation, and have barely taken it off since.

i've had these chunky desert boots in burgandy for a good couple of years now, and having found them in black at primark last weekend - on sale for seven quid no less, i decided i needed them in both colours. they need a little wearing in, but nothing a little bit of time and thick socks can't fix, and i can already tell they're going to feature heavily here over the next few months. being a soft suedette, they're already really comfy and easy to walk in because of the rubber heel, it's just getting them "right" around my dodgy toes that's the tough part.

i wore this love-ly combo out to visit my dear friends liz and nic on monday, for some quality time with miss molly. she's almost three months and has the most incredible head of hair of ~anyone i've ever met. like, i was peach-fuzz-bald until i was almost three, and this little thing has popped out with an entire head of thick and straigh hair. lucky her! this is the second time i've seen her since she was born, and she's already changed so much! i know, i know. it happens. but seeing these tiny humans and their changing expressions and fascinations is really quite fun. might go and play with her every monday.

i can't think of a better use of a day off, can you?

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