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2 October 2013

fleetwood mac live in london

recently at work (i work in the music industry) we were asked to name our top five artists for a battle of the bands competition. i could only name one, and so was disqualified. that band was fleetwood mac. if you ever read my m is for music post (when the pictures still existed), then you will be somewhat familiar with my fleetwood mac appreciation. if not, it goes like this; they're amazing. the end.

so, a hundred years ago when the rumours began about them headlining glasto, i was preparing for my first camping festival. then, amidst the second hand news of their u.s tour going ahead, i braced myself for the news that dreams are made of; they had confirmed uk dates. come the morning of the pre-sale, nic - another macophile and friend from work, and i sat at our computers at 9am knowing if we didn't secure our tickets that day that we'd never be going back again

well, we didn't. it sold out in minutes, so we had to wait like mugs for the general sale the following day. stuck and work and with little faith of our own, nic had given her mum strict instructions to "don't stop refreshing the site" until the tickets were ours. we waited with baited breath... "if they've sold out again, i don't wanna know" i'd said to nic, fully preparing myself for the worst. minutes later i got the call i'd been nervously anticipating all morning; we'd got the tickets! and the cheaper end of the scale too! "oh daddy!" i cried down the phone to nic, all the while praising that gold dust woman in my head, mentally adding her to my christmas card list and preparing to name my first born after her too.

months passed, and although it was always in my mind, i'd basically forgotten about it until the week of the gig. between packing for our holiday, planning birthday catch-ups and dealing with my pulled neck muscle, it wasn't high on the agenda! come wednesday morning though, things were different. like the songbird i am, i was humming mac tunes all day, and nic, amy (another macophile at work), and i couldn't contain our excitement at work. everyone knew where we going that night. nic and i had planned to meet her mum for dinner before the show, and naturally, invited amy along. "you gonna go your own way?" we'd asked - not knowing she was meeting her boyfriend there later, so instead planned to meet her in the sky bar before the show.

at 5pm, i unshackled the chain around my desk and and swanned out the door, bound for north greenwich. there, we met nic's mum at wagamama, and indulged in some delicious pre-show japanese before indulging in the glamour of the sky backstage bar - again, thanks to nic's mum's sky package! this woman, i tell you what. she sure does make loving fun! ten minutes before show time, we took our seats... in the front half of the arena, at ground level! we had amazing seats! we weren't sure we were in the right place, but a quick check with the usher revealed that we defnitely were. excited to the point of peeing, we waited... and then...

i watched, wide eyed, as one of my favourite bands of all time played their classics, their hits, some new tracks, acoustic and electric tracks, and even some of their solo tracks, for the next three hours. three hours. and, as if that wasn't enough, during the encore, christine mcvie came out and joined the others in stage for "don't stop", for the first time since 1998 when they were inducted into the music hall of fame. it was totes emosh; seeing lindsay and stevie hug and kiss each other, and knowing all about their history was just... epic. nic and i caught each other well up during the poignant speeches, and go giddy during lindsay's multiple orgasms guitar solos. it was just... amazing. i have no words; nothing can describe what happened on stage.

when we left, i literally couldn't wipe the smile off my face. it was the gig of a lifetime (have had a few of those in london), and i simply cannot believe that i've seen fleetwood mac live. like literally, cannot believe it. it still hasn't sunk in. my life is now complete.

have you ever been to a gig that made you feel that way?
(you should be impressed that i fit the whole 'rumours' track list in this post. i'm not even sorry.)

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  1. Great pictures! I love how in every picture you're making the same "OMG YAY!" face hahah!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. So jealous - Fleetwood Mac are fab! I'm hoping the rumours are true and they are playing Glastonbury next year, I'd love to see them!

    I've only ever been to 2 shows which made me feel that way -
    - Tim Minchin playing the Eden Project (in gale force winds and rain) in Cornwall last summer
    - Muse headlining Saturday night at Glastonbury in 2010

    Both shows were just simply breathtaking and spectacularly amazing - the sort of gig which makes you think you're the only person in the arena and leaves you on a huge high for the next few months. I kept singing songs from those gigs for about 6 months afterwards!


  3. I saw Fleetwood Mac in 2009, and hopefully again tomorrow as my friend won tickets, just needs to rearrange work. So excited after seeing this!

  4. I am insanely jealous! I love how you got all of rumours the post! Haha, it made me giggle. The Rumours album is unreal.
    One show that made me feel like that was Download Festival this year, I just couldn't believe I'd been and the Sunday when we had to leave I was so depressed I just didn't want to leave, seeing Rammstein there and Slipknot was just amazing.
    Also when I saw Fall Out Boy at Leeds festival, I was pretty much hyperventilating and crying and couldn't breath for about 2 hours after wards haha.
    Kloe xxx

  5. Wow i'm so jealous! I'd had loved to have been there! One day! x


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