recipe :: chicken noodle soup

it's no secret i was ill for a good few weeks before we went away. the one thing that got me through it was eating shedloads of spicy spicy broth. i'd never made broth before, but figured that it can't be that hard. and i was right! not hard at all. so, if you're interested in making your own feel-good-food this wet season, here's how i've been doing it...

what you'll need:
butter or margarine
vegetable or chicken stock
spring onion, red chilli and garlic
winter veg of choice
spicy chicken (optional)
dry noodles

*ignore dirty stove!*
1// put a nob of butter, chopped chilli, spring onion and clove of garlic in a pan on high heat. once melted off, add 400ml of water and a stock cube, and bring to the boil.
2// add chopped vegetables and de-boned chicken, turn down to medium heat until a third of the water has evapporated.
3// add 200ml of water and the dry noodles, stirring until the noodles are cooked through.
4// serve with crusty bread and there you have it - so easy!

do you think you'll try this, or something similar?

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