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25 October 2013

friday favourites (+ cheeky sponsor call)

heeey, happy friday all! i hope everyone's had a good week so far... i'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. i nuheeed to get my flat in order; there's so many things i've been putting of decoration wise, that i just don't want to put off any more! i also need to buy something to wear to the #nbnworkshop on monday - are you or anyone you know going? i think i'll be there alone and pretty nerrrrvy; it's my first proper blogger event and i don't know what to doooo!..

// this week on the web //
> i literally couldn't have put this little diddy about john krasinski better myself.
> if this happens, will it mean that i can't fancy tom hardy any more? cos... eep.
> i thought i was the only one who was weird on their own!
> this piece on mike frederiqo, whose latest work has him designing the designers into their own logos.
> this is easily the best version of blurred lines that i have ever seen. jimmy fallon does no wrong;

// this week around the blogosphere //
> i have been inspired by megan to attempt baking again. and all for a worthy cause, so even better.
> lyndsay-louise went to the pumpkin patch... and looked totally adorable too!
> have you caught all of kim's wedding pictures yet?
> how awesome are erica's lace mickey mouse ears? only very!
> autumns little'uns went a pickin'! a-dorable.

// fashun picks //
> this ted baker babe i saw on glee and instantly covetted.
> all of the b.a.i.t footwear shoes. like, all of them. seriously.
> this faaab duvet set by joules (that is sold out, you swines!) - it must be mine.
> this super pretty pandora birthstone ring from argento - oh whhy wasn't i born in may!

// and finally //
i literally just typed "picture wall" into pinterest and think i broke my computer. but, behold some pinspiration i've taken lately for my lounge. hopefully we will be installing some of it this weekend... hopefully. i don't really pin all that often - i feel like i really should because there's so much good stuff on there! (not that i need to tell you!) fancy following along, do so here...

so... how would you fancy sponsoring being erica in november? now that i'm back from holidays, i've got tonnes and tonnes of posts in the pipeline; travel, fashion and beauty plus the regular clueless ramblings you all know and love. and, this month you can find me hanging out in such lovely places such as yesterday's sweetheartscathingly brilliantgypsybeee vintage and mermaidens - imagine how many extra views your ad could get up in here with those sorts of ladies letting me play with them.
if you've hung out here before you should have your thank you codes, but for those of you wanting to test the water for a month here i'm happily taking 20% off any of the ad packages that you can find herei'd love to have you on board, and the packages are totally flexible - just ask! so, what to you say?

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  1. I always love your Friday Favorites, especially loved why do i feel the need to tell people how cheap something i'm wearing is when they compliment it? cause I do this all the time.

  2. I love posts like these! And a really want a wall covered in pictures and pretty wall art. I would love to sponsor in November will have to sort a blog badge (can I be on ur blog?!)

  3. Oh my that picture wall is gorgeous! XX

  4. Ah! I'm also planning a picture wall for my bedroom, thanks for doing the leg work! Your blog is looking beautiful! Have you had a little rejig? :-) xx

  5. I so love Jimmy Fallon.. it makes me sad that we don't have him (and Jimmy Kimmel too) on the TV over here, I spend a ridiculous amount of time on their youtube channels... x


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