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23 October 2013

w.i.w.t :: the macaroon connoisuer

the macaroon connoisuer dress c/o bonne chance collections // tights :: topshop // shoes :: new look // clip :: prairie charms

when i got back to work last week, i expected a couple of deliveries to be waiting for me. in them, i was anticipating my namesake dress from bonne chance collections, and yet seemingly, nothing had arrived. after a few frantic emails to the girls behind the brand, and mistaken customs charges with royal mail, the package finally arrived on friday. i couldn't wait to get it home and try it on, but when i did... what a surprise i received! inside was not only the gorgeous i'm being erica dress, but also the macaroon connoissuer dress. i was beyond thrilled, as i had the perfect opportunity to wear it the next day...

my smart and funny and super pretty bestie becks had secret belated birthday plans for us at the soho secret tea rooms in... soho. we met out the front of the coach and horses on greek street, then made our way into the pub, and waited for our reservation. we were met at the top of the stairs by flustered and... pretty rude staff, which was not the greatest first impression of the joint! there were already a number of people enjoying their tea, so we were seated right by the door - in the direct path of the door actually, with the afternoon sun pouring in and lighting our heads on fire. no biggie, we moved ourselves when no one seemed to care about the open flame on my head.

despiiite that, we ate some delicious food. like, seriously. warm scones with jam at clotted cream, teeny tiny eggy sarnies, a yummy oh yummy cheesecake and some other sort of cream puff delight. oh, and tea, naturally. oh! and prosecco! there must always be bubbly! what comes after bubbly?...

cockails, obviously! we started at b@1 on great windmill street where we stood and watched the super talented barmen work their areas with their well-practiced routines. it was pretty cool, but the bar was so packed - it was only 6pm but the place was heaving. after our strawberry daquiri we left and headed to the piccadilly institute where we sat in their decadia bar and listened to the spice girls' 'spice' album and drank stawberry mojitos. 

well, that's the birthday celebrations all wrapped up; i've well and truly milked this one, haven't i?

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  1. Oh my god I am in love with that dress!!!

  2. Wow!! Thank you so very much Erica!! You are just the sweetest ever!! You look absolutely gorgeous!! We love how you styled this dress so perfectly!! We are now officially obsessed with blue tights and your shoes are so incredibly adorable!! We are just completely over the moon that you like your new dresses!! We cannot thank you enough for your kindness and support. It means the absolute world to us :) <3 <3

    P.S. We wanted to make sure we offer you and your wonderful readers 15% off and Free Fast Shipping Worldwide on All Orders with the code BEINGERICA :) <3

  3. That outfit is perfect!! And you're just as pretty as ever! #womancrushwednesday right there ;) haha

  4. You look lovely here :) gimme all your dresses! x

  5. You look lovely here :) gimme all your dresses! x

  6. Your dress is just so so perfect ahhhh! x

  7. Oh, hey, um that dress is adorable! I love it when people match their outfit to their outing. :D


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