review :: london retro // bakerloo

when the good folks at my optique asked if i'd like to try a pair of specs from the new london retro line, i couldn't contain my excitement. i'm a massive fan of the vintage feel behind the brand (the hint is in the name), and ever since i picked my 'new' glasses out almost a year ago, and didn't get the london retro ones i had my heart set on (they were sold out and i was desperate), i've been kicking myself for settling for less than love. well, not this time. this time, i got what i wanted.

meet one of london retro's cattiest frames, the bakerloo*. currently out of stock (what is it about me?) but retailing for £79 including scratch-free and anti-reflective lenses, these babies are easiest my favourite frames yet. it was a tough call though, narrowing down the choices. between other catty styles like 'piccadilly' and 'babs', it was a hard decision to make! i loved the roundness of piccadilly, and the femininity in babs - but ultimately, i wanted a really wearable pair in a darker colour for the impending winter.

well, that's what i got. my only irk with the 'black tort' colouring is the random light flecks at the bottom of the frames. they seem to be identical on both sides, but when worn look the same colour as my skin and appears like there's holes in my frames. i kiiinda wish that they were a solid colour, or a more all-over tortoiseshell colouring, so these flecks wouldn't appear so bizarre.

other than that, these are my new favourite frames, and i couldn't be happier. thank you very much to my optique for helping to fulfill my london retro dreams... finally!

tell me guys - did i make the right decision?