review :: maybelline // baby lips lip gloss

i picked these bad boys up in my mini make up haul on payday last month, the same day i picked up the rimmel lippy i blogged about last week, and i'm obsessed. i kinda bought them on a whim, and because they were in a 2 for £5 offer and i had money to burn, so it seemed a good idea at the time. and good idea it was, as i've not gone a day without using these since!

as the name suggests, the cherry me gloss actually smells - and tastes like cherries. well, that fake cherry taste that fake cherry stuff tastes like, which tastes nothing like cherries. that's what this tastes like. sadly, the peach gloss has no smell or taste to speak of. something i did not expect: the balm to actually leave a colour on the lips. i mean, yeah, it's pretty bright in it's bullet, but i assumed it would just leave a sheen on the lips, and not a lot of colour. but it did! the peach left a nice nude sheen, while the cherry left a rosy tint. so cute.

something else i did not expect: for the gloss to be semi-long wearing. each of the glosses lasted through my morning coffees and cheese scones, which was pretty good for a high street balm! i've seen a couple of less-than-glowing reviews, but honestly, i really like these little balms, and reckon i'll grab a couple of the other colours too - if i ever find them; they're always sold out in my local boots!
obviously, i'm pretty happy with my buys! have you tried these? what did you think?

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