great british flowers

great british florist*
how amazing are they? they turned up last saturday morning from the great british florist, and i swear to god i could smell them as the courier marched them up the stairs! you guys know how much i love fresh flowers - i'm no stranger to the local flower market for my weekly pink peonies or lilac carnations, but... i had no idea what i was looking at here! so, i consulted my gardening guru michael who confirmed for me that in there are some lovely nerines, some statice, asters and alstroemeria, which means absolutely nothing to me but "Pretty Pink and Purple Posies!"

for now i've kept them in the pyrex jug i thrifted a few months back, and as they start to wilt i might move them out to glass jars that we always save from recycling. that way i can tie a pretty ribbon or wrap some washi tape around the stems to keep them looking adorable for as long as possible, and, place them all around the house instead of in one place!

// helpful tip this week // to keep flowers fresher longer, pop a few drops of bleach (yes, bleach!) in the vase as this will stave off bugs and bacteria for longer!

how do you keep your fresh flowers looking fresher longer?