and one more makes five

occasionally, primark get it reeeeaally right; most recently with their £8 tea dress range. my collection now boasts five of these delicious numbers. five. 

it feels like almost every time i walk into primark, there's a new addition to be claimed from the collection that was first launched this time last year, with the memorable red and blue topshop "daisy print" tea dresses (that were almost instantly marked down because the size was terrible). i bought both the red and blue on sale - gifting the blue one on earlier this year, but for a fiver, i was happy to overlook the sizing issues.

glasses c/o my optique // cardigan :: dotti // dress :: primark // shoes :: new look // brooch :: me!

when i saw the black and white print sitting on sale around july this year, i nabbed it up straight away in the same size as before. unfortunately for me, they had worked out their sizing issues from the last run, and now the fit was far too big. i tried going down but to no avail. tits mcgee strikes again. 

since then i've come to terms with having to size up for my bust, and cinch in with a belt. or a jumper. or both. and since then, my collection has expanded to include the now blogger-famous "rose print", the aztec print in the burgandy, and my current favourite, the purple paisley print.

i know you must have one of these dresses, which is your favourite?