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19 December 2013

copenhagen // day two // part :: 1

*picture heavy post*

good morning copenhagen! with fresh, crisp snow underfoot and even crispier leaves around, this day started out rather well! sun in the sky and our map in hand, we begun our adventure in the pretty city to the sound of the local church bells chiming in our ears...

first stop, Østerport station for coffee and the obligatory danish before setting about trying to find the way to our first port of call; the little mermaid on the langelinie promenade. on the way sights included bright orange buildings, a green tarnished chap, and row after row of identical and terraced houses. just beautiful.

on the way to the promenade we discovered a star-shaped island surrounded by ice, an army baracks on an island on the star-shaped island, and that no matter how hard he tries, boyfriend simply cannot fly. other things of note; what's with all the runners? does denmark have a national sport? must find out answer.

we finally found her, despite numerous wrong turns and other photo ops including king kong (not official), a gorgeous, snowy church and some broad dame with bulls as mates, but... we bloody found her. and my oh my was she underwhelming. we had to fight for time with her, as there were about 20 other people there vying for her attention too, but we joined in the fun and snapped, snapped, snapped away; after all, we had spent the best part of an hour hunting her down!

further wanderings found us in the grounds of amalienborg (frederik viii's palæ), watching the changing of the guards and stood, watching in awe as a marching band came out and played while the entire regiment marched around the grounds. down the side road a gorgeous dome loomed out of the otherwise block buildings, so we went to investigate and found marmorkirken - the marble church. boyfriend proclaimed it to be the most beautiful church he's ever seen, and i'd have to agree that it's definitely up there...

it was coming up midday, and we had yet to find out lunch stop; nyhaven.... more on that next time.

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  1. Beautiful! I can't wait to go back to Denmark and see Copenhagen, your photos are giving me wanderlust! The pastries are to die for ;)

    Jo xx



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