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20 December 2013

erica reads // an update

rainy days are meant for reading. well that, and netflix marathons, but mostly reading. one of my 30 before thirty challenges is to read at least one book every month, so with my new book hitting my doorstep on thursday, i thought it was about time to do a bit of an update... and give me an opportunity to show off my fancy new london retro glasses, of course!

so so so sooo many of you have recommended "the fault in our stars" by john green to me this year, and i've literally only just gotten around to picking myself up a copy; i sincerely hope it lives up to all the hype, cos i've had a few let downs from twitter recommendations lately, so... let's hope you're right this time!

i started reading it on sunday while i was pretty rubbish out - spoiler alert: i'm actually about half way through it right now, and i am flipping loving it. i do know in my heart that i'm going to not like it soon though. i really wish that wasn't going to be the case, but yet... it's inevitable really, isn't it? i'm already looking to get a few more john green books now, because i reaaaheeeaaaally dig his writing style; it's so conversational and interesting whatever. love it.

[spoiler alert; i finished it last night while trying to tire my eyes for my early-to-bed, early-to-rise sleep. oh so sad...]

my newest london retro specs arrived a few weeks back, but with a few hiccups! now that they're here i'm in love. the rounded lenses and dainty frames bring the femininity to the yard, while the design in general still oozes with vintage charm. they're a completely new look for me, and the thing I especially love about them is that the inner frame is pale pink, meaning the colour of the frame doesn't create dark lines in my vision; that's the hardest thing about your first pair of glasses - you're juts not used to not having full and *unimpaired* vision (irony, I know). so these fitrovia's are just perfect for lazy, rainy, reading days.

// fitrovia glasses c/o london retro at my optique //

ok, the count; since october i've read three and two half books. two halves because i can't quite finish them; the first is "the book thief" by markus zusak, the second is "alice's adventures in wonderland" by lewis carroll. i'm finding the book thief really dull and slow moving, and i really have to commit to finishing it. with alice, because i can't read it without seeing tim burton's characters come to life, i really struggle to let me own imagination flourish... tricky tricky.

while i was on holibobs in australia i read "bossypants" by tina fey and also "is everybody hanging out without me (and other concerns)?" by mindy kaling. these two were both so easy to read; easy to pick up and read a chapter here or there without having to put too much time or effort in. it helped that i enjoy both of those women immensely, and was laughing my butt off through both of them. 

and most recently, while we were waiting for our gate to board in copenhagen, i started reading "escaping daddy" by maria landon. i'd finished it by the time we'd arrived back home; it took me probably just under four hours in total to read it. now, it's certainly not an easy read as far as themes go - deep and dark and depressing mostly, but to read it, it was a piece of piss. i don't recommend it though, despite it being a the times top ten read, i just found it depressing and anger inducing. 

but, if i can keep up that momentum, i'll be burning through these books in no time!
what recommendations do you have for me?

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  1. Shame on me! I've never read anything written by Mr.Green, believe it or not...
    You look so pretty in those glasses and that adorable bow :) xx

  2. This is dorkily delicious. Ha ha.

    I always recommend Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks because it is an insane amount of beautiful and grotesque all at the same time!

  3. They've made TFIOS into a film now, I'm sure. I've not read it. I've been awful at reading this year. The last book I read in full was 'Rachel's holiday' by Marianne Keyes. And only because I got it for free via iTunes '12 Days of Christmas' app last year. Finished it In February, picked up another Keyes book and... Have maybe read 1/3. I'm also a 1/3 of the way through Russell Brands Booky Wook. Both books are good reads but... I'm lazy! And tired. And always working or chasing after a certain wee monkey... That's my excuse anyway.
    I thought the Book Thief was a lovely book, but it can be slow at times. Two of my favourite books are 'a Complicated Kindness' by Miriam Towes and 'the Virgin suicides' by Jeffery euginides - easy reads, but good none the less! Xo


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