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26 December 2013

in retrospect...

late to bed on christmas eve (thanks to magic mike) meant a lovely sleep in on christmas morning - despite the alarm hitting off at 7am as per the work-day arrangement. we enjoyed a quick coffee and festive biscuit to start, before digging into unwrapping the presents that included an awesome retro record player, festive coffee flavours and one excellent costume (that won't ever be worn as a costume). the new addition meant hours of playing vintage records in lieu of watching dodgy christmas movies. don't worry though, that followed soon after.

a few festive tipples and an array of terrible food followed, as we pulled out the sofa bed and made an island of our lounge room. i was allowed to watch 'this is us' as a special christmas treat, as long as the non-negotiable 'a muppets christmas carol', 'home alone 2' and 'toy story 3' followed. which they did, in between this amazing roast dinner that boyfriend cooked all on his own and a delicious bottle of pink cava. yum.

before today, christmases have sort of been a compulsory event. my favourite christmas memory is the year i left australia; i spent christmas eve wrapping presents with stacey and her family in melbourne, ready for the kids to rip them open only a few hours later. we had a fantastic morning spread, and a delicious bbq for lunch - damn aussies. around 3pm it was time to leave. she drove me to the airport, we hugged and cried a lot, and said our goodbyes. well, i said my "see you soons" and she said her "goodbye and goodlucks", and i cried most of the way to london. that was four christmases ago, and that was the last i'd seen of her until a few months ago. despite the sadness, it was an amazing day, until today, that was my favourite christmas memory.

after today, there's some stiff competition. boyfriend and i have spent the day laughing, eating, drinking and generally enjoying our day together, and i don't want this day to end.

how did you spend your christmas day? i hope it was as fun as ours.. x

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  1. Yey for vinyl and love your record player. Our Christmas was filled with lots of new vinyl for our collection too!

  2. Great to read that you had such a good Christmas. I hope there's many more for you in the future!

  3. I'm glad you had a really good day this year! P.S, Fleetwood mac <3 x

  4. Sounds like a grand way to spend Christmas day! A man who makes Christmas dinner? Keeper x

  5. aww as if you had xmas dinner just the 2 of you - I'd love to do that one year



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