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9 December 2013

copenhagen // day one // nørrebrogade

we were up just after 4:30 on friday morning to get the first train of the day. the journey there and breakfast in the airport was all a bit of a blur... we'd arrived in copenhagen by midday, and made our way into the city to kill some time before we headed to the guest house to check in. as we approached the day light from the underground, icy rain blessed my hot and weary face, and we awoke instantly in the snowy city we'd found ourselves in...

we grabbed coffee and cake - the first of each for the day, and walked, walked walked... question one; what's with all the bikes? answer; no idea. question two; which way is the water? answer; the water is everywhere. we surrendered to mcdonalds - the second of the day, before making the trek to the guest house. we had planned to walk. at that moment in time, there was no way that was going to happen. instead, we casually forgot* to buy metro tickets, but boarded the train anyway. rebels.

a brisk walk in the snow found us outside the villa, with a small group of spaniards. are you here to check in? yes. oh, good... how? speak to the old man. right... excuse me old man, we're here to check in. we're early, but we're cold. please let us in. wait, what? we're in the wrong place? but this is what my piece of paper says? oh, sorry? you've more than one guest house and we're in the other guest house that i have no knowledge of nor planned to stay in nor researched how to get to-and-from? and you're driving all seven of us there because it's "too tricky to explain" how to get there? oh. you danish are so funny...

and that's the day i died.

but really, it was annoying. except, when we got to the 'real' guest house, it was warm, and actually closer to the metro, the city and the airport than we were in the original guest house, so... silver linings, eh? it was almost 6pm and we were hungry. the smallest kitchen in the world had two hobs, a pot and a frying pan. add that to the supermarket, and boyfriend had whipped up a danish fry-up in no time. it was delicious! full and watching some danish subtitled america tv, there was only one other thing on the agenda; beer.

first impression of copenhagen; friendly faces, excellent english, and snowy roof tops...

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  1. Glad you've got a positive first impression of Copenhagen. We'll be spending Christmas there this year so I'll be eagerly awaiting your updates to give us ideas of things to do:-)

    Nina x

  2. The photos are all gorgeous and your little cooker is so cute! Looking forward to reading more :) Copenhagen is on my list of cities to see now!

    Jo x


  3. Please tell me you went in Joe and the Juice? I had the nicest scotch and ginger in there I've ever had in my life. Gorgeous pics! You seem to have captured it perfectly. Looking forward to reading more!


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