the hydration sensation

you guys, just because the temperatures are a helluvalot colder at this time of year, it does not mean we shouldn't still drink plenty of water. i feel like the worlds biggest hypocrite saying that because i am the number one water avoider, but keeping well hydrated is important in any season. water provides crazy health benefits no matter what the temperature is outside; hair, skin and general well-being is one thousand percent improved* with regularly drinking water, and with such a simple solution to all our winter-woes, what could be easier?
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so, we're maybe not hitting the gym at all as heavy during the colder months, but we're still sweating. i know i am - in all those woolly layers and racing to-and-from the train stations every morning, as soon as i hit my desk i'm already glossy and pooped. exertion does not only belong to summer, and all those fluids need to be replenished. and apparently, despite the fact that it's key ingredient is soda water, diet coke does not count as decent hydration, so... instead, having a water cooler at home is a great way to ensure you always have plenty of fresh water available all year round.

the importance of being hydrated...
staying well hydrated ensures that all of our mental and physical bits and pieces work the way they should. and, as a result, when our bodies need to burn more energy or increase their circulation in order to stay warm, they will be able to do that. plus, our minds will also be able to process thoughts efficiently, which means that it will be less likely that you will become batshit crazy in the event you happen to get stranded in the middle of a flippen snowstorm or blizzard. believe it or not, being dehydrated also increases your risk of frostbite and hypothermia, so you should ensure you are well hydrated before spending any amount of time outdoors. or... just don't go outside, stay in, and drink tea.

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get experimental
look. at the end of the day, i get the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. i do. but that doesn't change the fact that i genuinely despise the taste of water, and do not look forward to my daily intake. but, over the years i have learned a few tricks to getting it in without any bother. namely, hide it. squashes and sugar free cordials are an excellent way to drink your daily quota without boring your belly with bland. not a fan of cordials? try some fresh fruit. a slice of lemon or orange, or some fresh berries in a glass of water will give a subtle but flavoursome hit and, when you get to the bottom, get a special fruity surprise! 

(not like that, you perve)
*not a real statistic.

are you a water avoider like me, or are you a good little hydrator?

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