frock swap | gettin' shirty

shirt : rachel's c/o george | dress c/o wal g | bag : asos | shoes c/o clarks

thankfully i changed these shoes before actually heading out on sunday, as i was cautious enough to bother to check the weather and discover it was bucketing down; i had an outdoor walk ahead of me, and these leather lovelies would have been ruined in an instant. i wore (most of) this outfit to the cinema on sunday; albeit with a hundred more layers over the top and a hooded coat to combat the monsoon outside.

as if i don't have enough lace in my wardrobe already - or pink dresses for that matter, when this lacy number dropped through the post from wal g last week, i maybe did a little wee of excitement. it's such a pretty shade of pink, and it has these perfect little capped sleeves - something that i rely on more and more to cover my pasty bingo wings these days. it's ever-so-slightly longer than most of the dresses in my wardrobe, and it is bloody lined! it's like a bloomin' dream come true. my only gripe with it, is that it's got this suuuuper low cut back, which means that my bra is totally visible if no cardi/jacket/whatever is worn with it. which is a shame, because it looks adorable without another layer.

on sunday though, i decided to give rachel's floral blouse a whirl; first opting to layer it underneath similar to how debbie and donna styled it themselves, but then opted to go with  a very 'typical erica' solution; tied at the waist. presto! the clash of bold print with the pastel pink (and added cutie pie scalloped bag!) are just too twee for words. this shirt is lush... not sure if rach will be getting it back anytime soon...

so, what do we think; who wore it best?
answers on a postcard below.