w.i.w.t | fifty shades of pink

cardigan : primark | dress + shoes : new look | necklace : etsy

sooo, of all the pictures i took of this outfit, no two show the cardigan as the same shade. it's really closest in colour to the last picture - which was the only reason i included it, because in the other pictures it seems really coral - almost red, and... what's my point? oh yeah, that it's pink. which i why i wore it with this dress, because of the way it perfectly compliments the pale pink fans and japanese print, and not because it's red and i like to break rules. although... no, i don't.

i wore this out to dinner around liz's on sunday, where i ate the best roast i've had in sooooo forever long, that i had to a) adjust the belt once, an b) remove the belt once so that i could eat more of the food. after the second serve of potatoes we sat back and watched this is the end - which i had never seen before, but will definitely, definitely watch again because it was fricken hilaaaaaarious. hilarious!

have you seen the film? go and do it now!