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26 April 2014

w.i.w.t | leopard + lace

jacket : dotti | dress c/o wal g | bag : asos | shoes : primark

on monday, the last day of the bank holiday weekend, i was up early - again, out of the house by eleven - again. worth it though, to catch up with my oldest friend here in the uk; erin, who i lived with when i first moved here all those many moons ago. because we live so far from each other, we only ever really catch up at birthdays or special events, but since she's finally bagged herself a new job in the city, hopefully we're going to see more of each other over the next few months.

the weather was wonderful as i left that morning, but as soon as we'd sat down to coffee it started chucking it down again. typical london. the rain outside gave us the perfect excuse to sit in longer than we might have had the weather cooperated. it did however mean that any long walks we'd planned to get reacquainted were sadly put on hold for passion fruit beer and some comfy leather sofas in st. christopher's inn on borough high street. you lose some, you win some, huh? plus, she brought me cupcakes. that's what friends are for.

dear erica; get a new hairstyle. regards, world.

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  1. Adore the leopard print detail belt, extremely cute with a pink dress. I was hoping for some long walks this weekend but happily swapping them for comfy seats and booze as well. ;) x

  2. I love love love the clash of girly and tough in this outfit, you have done it so well. That tiny leopard print detail seals the deal for me xx

  3. I love that jacket, can I stroke it?


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