frock swap | when rachel made me wear a biker jacket

dress c/o in love with fashion | jacket : rachel's c/o george | bag : primark | shoes c/o clarks

*what's with the weird yellow vibe in these pics? the exposure must've blown out the wall colour... soz* this dress is sooooo short, yet sooooo pretty! absolutely adore it, and was over the moon when it joined the collective mail haul that landed on my desk last week; when it rains it pours! the pretty mint number arrived the very same day as rachel's george at asda biker jacket - which i instantly loathed, so i felt a bit of a challenge trying to style it.

because i'm pretty hour glass shaped, i don't like heavy, boxy tops. i wear skater dresses because they fit and flare, and i wear cropped jumpers and cardis as they accentuate my waist and small shoulders, and kind of flatter my shape. this jacket though... it boxy, heavy, and probably a tad too big. it does nothing for my shape, and i felt really... badass in it. which, is actually not a bad thing; i love a bit of bad assery, but i just really don't think it's me. that is, while i was wearing it. in this picture, i think it actually works really well, and gives the pretty, girl frock the ultimate outfit opposition... and, not that you can tell in the pics, but i had the most perfect lipstick on too - it matched the deep purple florals in the dress, and i was elated to find the perfect shade to match.

i wore this out and about on saturday in london town, putney bound for a hair cut and treatment for six out of ten, and spent the majority of the day pulling at the skirt, making sure my modesty was in tact. there's no lining, and like i said, it's really short. perhaps if my legs were long and slender i'd be less concerned, but as they're not and i have some body confidence issues (and, flashing my underwear the the upper middle class issues), i felt a bit of a tart. the weather was lovely though, so the jacket hardly got worn... which was probably best, considering i was already feeling a bit tender about the fact my knickers were on show.

and here's how these ladies wore it themselves...

what's your take on the short skirt/no lining issue?
am i showing my age, or do you expect some added decency in your clothing too?