terrified on the emirates air line

this, ladies and gentlemen, is the amazing view you'll get aboard the emirates air line, if you're ever crazy enough to choose to board it to cross the river rather than take the safer - more underground alternative. which - if you need to make the decision, definitely take the safer, more underground alternative. especially if it's super windy and there are kids in the line with you. because the kids will bang on the windows and run from one seat to the other while the wind blows the cabin so hard that you can feel the breeze up your skirt and are too terrified to lean against anything in case the windows break and you fall out. into the river. or worse, into the car park on the way back down to safety.

i was unfortunate enough to not have had this information prior to boarding the cable car from hell on saturday, so consider this a public service announcement. 

you're welcome.