w.i.w.t | in love with tropicana

dress c/o in love with fashion (now sold out, wah!) | shoes : ted baker* | belt : primark

oh but seriously how gorgeous is the print in this dress that arrived from love last week? after a miserable few days at home, popping this beauty on for a night out with the girls on friday was almost the perfect solution to a shitty day spent miserable at home (almost). with a splash of coral on the lips and a peachy cardi to boot, this dress couldn't get more fresh and feminine if it tried. 

the vibrant tropical print and splash of pastel on white was the perfect cure to my moody blues. and the best thing? the fact that at a size l (online shopping is so harrrd for perfect sizes!) it was ever so loose across the bust and waist that i had to use a wee belt to nip it in for the perfect fit - fingers crossed the herbalife is doing it's thing and those pounds and falling away slowly!

i do love me a fit and flare dress, and was happy to discover this particular one had a flippy, floppy silver lining to it that made twirling more fun than ever. it's the little things, eh?

i do know how to ruin an outfit with black tights, don't i?