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10 April 2014

frock swap | pastels + polka dots

dress : debbie's c/o f&f | scarf : vintage | tights : top shop | shoes* : ted baker

hoooookay, this dress. on the hanger, i wasn't sure it would fit. it's a traditional tea dress and not a skater like what i'm used to wearing to hide the hips and errthang else that needs hiding, and... i was dubious. so picture the scene; i was preparing for a 'this is how i would style it' shoot - faffing about my room, scarf in hair. i had the beach boys playing in the back ground, and kind of dancing around the room with the dress on the hanger, like it was my partner... it was probably really hilarious for those creeps looking into my window, because the second i caught myself in the mirror, i collapsed into fits of giggles on my bed.

and then i decided to actually try the dress on. and... it fit like a bloody glove! even maybe a little big around the waist, which was handy that there was a matching sash (which i have subsequently... lost, since taking the dress off!?) to nip it in that smidge under the bust. not wanting to be bare legged - even in my own house, and knowing black on black is an infinite no-no in my rule book of life, what better way to compliment the peachy pastel scarf than with lilac legs! i adore these tights, they're a little lighter weight than normal, so i definitely notice the difference. i rolled my annoyingly-clean fringe in under the scarf and added a slick of peachy lippy and voila! ready for tea.

and here's how debbie wore it... she's such a babe, right?

i'm not going to bother asking who wore it better, because both are so different, so make your own decisions! i can't wait to see what rachel and donna do with it... bound to be good!

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  1. I love how both of you wore this dress! You can't go wrong with polka dots and this dress fits you so nicely. I'm loving the fun lilac tights paired with it.

  2. Love this dress, obviously you guys are doing an amazing job at styling it because it's pretty much sold out everywhere now.

  3. I can't wait to borrow this dress! I made a beeline for it in Tesco the other day, just to, you know, check out the pretty. I love the colours your chose to team it with! Gorgeous Erica, as always. Looking forward to putting my own spin on it! xx

  4. I absolutely love that dress on you. It really suits you! x

  5. Well hello you!! You look marvellous, love the shape on you & dots are always a yes!! You look darling, love how you both styled the dress :) x


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