w.i.w.t | mint magic in the friday sun

dress : primark | jacket : miss selfridge | belt : thrifted | shoes : valleygirl | crown : primark

another sunny day, another couple of hours wasted viewing completely inappropriate flats. thank god for bank holiday weekends, huh. quite literally in the case of the easter weekend (if you're that way inclined, beliefs wise that is). so friday morning i was up and out, busy viewing more flats, and this time maybe even not hating it as much as the last few. one in particular which has some potential, even if the landlady is not quite what i had in mind; i suppose when i'm being as picky as i currently am being, something's gotta give, right? keep your fingers and toes all crossed that something perfect does rear its head sometimes soon.

so, because the sun was out, and the viewings were nearby in forest hill and honor oak park, i decided to walk instead of lose more of my life - and money, on and off of buses. google maps advised it would be about 33 minutes door to door. challenge accepted!.. and nailed it, in just over twenty, muhaha! 

this is the second dress like this that i own; the first is a rich purple, this one is more mint in reality but the exposure has blown it out to a grey/green. i picked it up on the way home on thursday, for the tidy sum of five pounds. i thought it deserved to be worn with my birthday shoes that have been hiding away since the australian spring, because i didn't want to ruin them, and this sweet pastel and floral denim number i picked up in the mid year sales a few years ago. actually, it was the last time my mum was here, so two years ago now!

i really hope the floral crown gave off 'adorable but tidy potential flatmate with cute shoes' vibe, because that's kind of what i was going for.