the (long) weekend edition

oh my days, this long weekend was just what the doctor ordered. with friday spent checking out more potential flats (of which i have finally secured one, thank the lord above!), then stocking up on all the necessities to break my lenten fast on sunday - not before a well earned sleep in, the long weekend was certainly kicked off with gusto.

with some of the flats nearby, and my inherent hatred of unneccessary public transport, i chose to walk in the midday sun. google maps led me the short way, and the whole walk only took about 50mins tops there and back, which was not a bad way to spend some time while having to do something pretty boring. it also gave me a chance to finally get some quality time with my bff in australia by way of some great timing and the greatest invention since the internet; an internet based telephony application. 

come saturday morning, i was up and out early on with an appointment with a proper hair dresser in town on the agenda. an actual hairdresser, you guys! who was suitably hard on me when i explained how my hair got to be in the state it was in as i sat down in his chair. turns out stylists don't really appreciate home hair-cut (or dye, ahem) jobs, especially when you tell them that their disdain is the exact reason you don't go to a hairdresser anymore. he seemed pleased.

after the couple of hours spent in the multiple salon chairs for facials, head massages and deep hair treatments, i was homeward bound just before four, which left me only an hour or so to get myself readied for my big night on the town! well, that was the plan... and we all know what happens when i make plans. i was due at seven to meet louise at the white swan in islington; dinner and drinks before our night at the bingo (again!). i was a tad late - no thanks to public holiday transport disruptions, but we made up for it by guzzling a bottle of prosecco while devouring our mediocre burgers and then getting to the venue with enough time to drink more of the wine. and then all of the wine.
ah, easter sunday. the day my six-week popcorn fast came to an almighty end by way of a giant bucket of sweet and salty and a free ticket to see spiderman at the greenwich odeon. i wasn't sure i was going to make  it, with my wine buzz waking me nice and early - but nothing a few paracetemol and some juice couldn't remedy, soon enough i was falling back to my wonderful dream of dan humphrey's smooth-one-episode-heair-the-next chest and waking again a few hours later completely reformed.

my stubbornness knows no bounds, and my refusal to top up my oyster card for the bus saw me walking - in the blinding rain - to the odeon from the o2 to catch the 1pm session of spiderman. not my normal choice of film, i'll admit, but i do love me a bit of the old garfeild/stone on-screen chemistry and really, actually enjoyed the film! also really enjoyed the popcorn, but that was to be expected.

i will admit i am grateful for the busyness the weekend has offered up, but would have loved maybe just one day with no plans to spend the day in bed. but then again, that would hardly be different from how i'd normally spend the weekend, and where would the fun be in that?

how was your easter break? tell me you were keeping busy too please.