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27 August 2014

competition | holiday hacks + travel tips

rebekah and i are off to salzburg today, to begin our austrian adventure! we're in salzburg until friday and then off to vienna until sunday. we've been keeping an eye on the weather over there as best we can, but with the change in weather here, it's making packing a damn sight harder than it should be for four days. i've had to include long sleeve tees and a fuzzy cardi for warmth, as well as dresses with different length *just in case*. (i even had to go out and buy a rain parka for pete's sake! what is this summer!) 

i'm only taking my cath kidston back pack, so have to fit all of the trans-seasonal clothing into that tiny space, as well as my toiletries and important documents. it's going to be quite the squeeze! typically, i did not take any pictures of what i was packing or how (bad blogger!), so i absolutely can't share those with you. although, i think we've all seen inside each others' luggage a lot recently, so i guess i'm off the hook there.

because of the tight room in the backpack for toiletries, i'm taking the bare minimum. we're packing with the assumption that the hotel will provide soap, because i'm not taking any. i have dwindled my make up down to the necessities; bb cream, lip gloss, blusher and mascara. that's it. then we've got the basic hygiene sorted; hand cream with anti bacterial, face wash, deoderant, body spray and toothpaste. oh, and dry shampoo. duh.
quite aptly, i received an email from holiday auto about a competition they're currently running, asking people to submit their holiday hacks and travel tips to be in the running to win a £300 prize. hands up who loves competitions? *puts hand up* me, that's who! perfect timing too, so i thought seeing as i was in a bit of a bind with the packing light, i'd share my top packing tips! 

tip 1 //  rather than fold clothes, roll them up nice and tight. you'll be able to fit more things into smaller spaces when things are in their smallest shape. rolling is key. bigger, bulkier items should be worn, rather than packed, but if unavoidable, pack them last and mould them to the shape of the luggage, pushing it into all available areas.

tip 2 // keep toiletries handy, because you know you'll be pulling them out a lot during the jaunt through the airport. if your luggage has a front zip, pop them (and nothing else - safety dance) in there for safe keeping and easy access.

tip 3 // keep passport safe. if your luggage has a secret compartment like mine, pop it (and any other travel documents -- boarding passes, etc) in there. i feel safer knowing my passport is nowhere in sight but still nearby and safe. my compartment is against my back, so for all-day comfort, i'll want to include any magazines/books in there too, to keep the bit against my back as straight as possible.

tip 4 // wear heavy/warmer items so save the weight of the backpack. for me this means wearing my fluffy cardi and my denim jacket (if i bother taking it...) to save the room. oh, and comfy shoes of course. i'm known for my shopping too, so wearing the thicker items means leaving space in the backpack for storing all of the treasures i'll no doubt buy from the markets while we're there.

what are your top tips and holiday hacks for packing light and easy jet setting?

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  1. I'm still so jealous you're off to the land of Sound of Music ... I can't wait to see all your photos and hear your stories when you return.
    Have an amazing time x

  2. I'm in awe that you can travel with a backpack, uhmazin. Very jealous! Vienna is pretty, try to go to Cafe Central! xx

  3. Have a great trip, Erica! Shall look forward to reading all about Salzburg - I've been wanting to go there for a while too.

  4. is it too late to hide me in your luggage? x

  5. vacuum packing is such a great idea! you're right it doesn't save weight, but does mean you can pack so much MOAR STUFFS.

  6. sadly, yes! definitely go though, it was MAGICAL.

  7. i definitely do that on the return trip!

  8. ohhh i definitely did! about 1000 to be exact!

  9. OMGAAAD it was incredible. YOU HAVE TO GO.

  10. did not see this in time, did not go to the cafe! ah, backpack is all i need :) oh, and charger. lol. always need the charger.



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