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5 August 2014

w.i.w.t | rosie aint got nothing on me

scarf : vintage | pinafore*: dahlia | top c/o bonmarche | belt : primark | shoes : debenhams

sometimes i look in my wardrobe and think uuuggggghhhh. especially when i haven't shopped for a while, or don't have something specific to style, or no special occasion to dress for; i feel really uninspired a lot of the time. probably because i stare blankly into my wardrobe hole of bright colours and florals and polka dots every day, so it's become a regular thing - overlooking all of the options for new solutions, you know?

yes well, none of this outfit is new. well, except the shoes, which i got for a total bargain in debenhams' latest blue cross offering; h! by henry holland, about £40 marked down to £10.50. yes. they were hardly going to stay on(line) the shelf for that price, were they?

but anyway, i was messing about on saturday morning while my hair was drying, and ended up putting my hair up in this adorable hair scarf that i picked up at a booty sale some time last year. with my hair up like this, and my make up kinda on-point, i had this really urgent need to try and look like a cuter rosie the riveter. hahhaa. this is my life you guys. i don't know how successful i was at recreating rosie, but i reckon i looked damnnnnn cuuuute, and so wore this out to feast on saturday night. how lucky for everyone there, right? i didn't wear the belt out, and i kinda wish i could photo shop it out of these pictures too, but.. well, oh well.

ps. i am always wearing my hair like this from now on. so. damn. cute.

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  1. Guuurrrl you so cute. I love the pinafore and the headscarf totally works on you! I can never make it work for me!

    xox Sammi

  2. Those shoes are fantastic. What a deal!

  3. Well aren't you just adorable! xx

  4. Aren't you a cutie! Haha, I love your hair! I wish I had a full fringe to try this, sadly I don't suit them! :( Those shoes tho, perfect!
    Kloe xx

  5. You look amazing here, I love that headscarf!

    Maria xxx

  6. I feel the exact same way a lot of times when I'm trying to get dressed (particularly if I haven't gotten much sleep). Lots of prints and things I can't think about wearing new ways. I love my wardrobe but sometimes I feel uninspired too. I think you look super cute here though. I love your hair styled in a scarf like this. I have a bunch of scarves and hardly ever wear them. That needs to be fixed!


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