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11 August 2014

the weekend edition | snapshots

if you follow me on instagram (and if not, why not?) you will have already seen all of these. but for those (un)lucky few who don't, i want to give some context to this past weekend, starting with friday night.

well actually, we'll have to begin our story approximately fifteen years ago, to when a fourteen year old me was having the time of her life at her first ever 'proper gig'; then, pop punk misfits, blink 182. fast forward fifteen years and three or so albums later, and 29 year old me was having no less fun dancing like a loon to now pop-punk royalty, blink 18 mother loving 2. i was going to do a whole post on the gig, but honestly, i don't think i have enough words to explain just how much i loved every single minute of the gig.

i was blown away for almost exactly an hour and a half. those dudes are old now, but they proper rocked the mic right for their legion of adoring fans; i for one, will never not be a fan. my gig life has come full circle now, and i was in heaven at brixton academy, dancing in a pool of sweat - not all my own, and then standing in the pouring rain grinning like a fool waiting for the bus shortly after. they did not disappoint. travis barker is my king. if you love pop punk as much as i do and you ever get the chance, go and see these guys. for realsies. best. gig. ever.

saturday was mostly spent in bed, recovering. i'd not drunk very much, but i've been coming down with a cold or something since picking up some germs at the doctors last week. i stayed in bed til about ten, then... did a whole bunch of chores. i win at adulting once again! i saw online that spitalfields market was hosting the monthly record and vinyl fair, so i headed down there just after lunch. i love east london for a saturday wander, so was content snapping all of the pretty as i made my way to the market. once there, i nabbed myself some real bargains! all in all, eight records for £15, and all in pretty spiffy condition!

in the haul was another fleetwood mac (best of; i don't have a record with 'rhiannon' on it yet, and it's my fave!), another phil collins, a stevie mac, diana ross, the drifters and roy orbison best ofs, a duran duran for my friend and carole king's tapestry. not a bad selection, eh! after that i met my friend whose birthday it was, and we wandered the bare streets of east london, across to the southbank, then back across and up through leicester square to soho for dinner at la polenteria. more on that another day, but it was... erm, different!

on sunday i met up with the girls back in shoreditch for brunch with ani's mum while she's in town from nz. we headed to franze and evans, which is a short walk from box park, and we just missed another down pour by minutes! after brunch i headed back with becks to hers to surprise lp with some cake and flowers for her birthday. she's not the birthdaying type, but we wanted to get her a little something to celebrate. selfishly, i wanted the cake. and i grabbed myself some bargain carnations from the shops too, so, i did well from the afternoon, that's for sure!

i hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine was - i wouldn't change any of it for the world.

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  1. Sounds like quite the perfect weekend! xx

  2. Love the records you bought, Fleetwood Mac - yesss <3 and this cake, I need some, haha!! Looks gorgeous :) xx

  3. I LOVE me some Fleetwood Mac! Hope you're feeling less under the weather. X

  4. Super duper jealous of your Blink gig. x

  5. GAH it was incredible.

  6. I ADORE Fleetwood Mac! thanks Amanda X

  7. I ain't ever met anyone who doesn't love the Mac!

  8. it REALLY WAS you know! x


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