w.i.w.t | the sensible shoe makes its début

shoes : debenhams | dress : new look | jumper c/o f&f | hat*: asos | glasses c/o firmoo

so, these shoes. are rjr by john rocha, and  usually retail for like £45+. i saw them in debenhams' blue cross sale a couple of weeks ago when i picked up me new spiffy brogues, and they were marked down by like, 70% or something stupid, and they were only a tenner. they looked adorable, and i wanted them. and so they became mine. and then they arrived and i opened them and tried them on, and kinda thought... "hrrrrmmm no." like, i didn't instantly love them. then i repackaged them and meant to take them back.

fast forward almost a month, and as i was tidying my room on saturday morning, i found the debenhams bag with them in. i internally scolded myself for forgetting to take them back; i internally told myself it was ok, because they were only a tenner; i was internally intrigued as i'd completely forgotten what they even looked like. i re-opened the parcel, unwrapped the tissue paper, and pulled out all the fiddly bits that hold shoes together when they're not being shoes. i held them up out in front of me, kind of staring at them, waiting.

it was then that i decided  i actually really loved them. or at least, the idea of them. you know? they're kind of sensible looking. they have a thick and comfortable sole. they're flat but not without support. their dark pewter colour they're not going to show the london grime. they have a bow! for all intents and purposes, they're a great shoe. especially for a tenner! so, i spent the next half an hour digging through my wardrobe to see what i could wear to make these sensible shoes a little less matronly, and a little more adorable.

this here is outfit one of two that i decided made these shoes less *sensible looking*, and more *totally adorable* looking. especially with the addition of my newest new-favourite accessory; the lilac felt bowler i nabbed for pennies in the big asos sale last week (where everything else but it went back the very next day). this hat will also feature in the next outfit, so get excited for that. i basically just changed the inbetween bits. ha. i'm so lazy. whatever. also, that face i'm making up there about three photos in, in my "gaw i really need a haircut, but who can be bothered actually doing their manky hair for photos that will actually be going on the internet? definitely not me, that's not who". so, apologies for that.

tell me, internet; whata do you think of the shoes?