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16 August 2014

franze + evans | shoreditch, east london

on sunday, i woke up to torrential rain. i endured enjoyed my regular sunday morning skype session with mother dear, to the sound of torrential rain. i did some chores, inside, safe from the torrential rain. about midday the torrential rain stopped, which was perfect timing really, as i had plans. plans that required me leaving the house. and walking around in the open. the rain that was torrential, was raining torrentially from all angles. there was no escaping it... so i was glad when it stopped, because then i could go... to brunch!

ani's mummy was here on holibobs from nz, and before she headed back to the land of the long white cloud, we wanted to say "heeeeeeey" and catch up and stuffs. so, we headed out to franze and evans in shoreditch, where we could do just that, over a coffee, with some food, and maybe - just maybe, even with an eyeful of attractive east london beared hipster men. always a nice touch!

it was saaaaah busy in there though, and when we got there, there were people sat at our reserved table. we sort of...sat at the end of the table, waiting for them to finish up. there were seven of us, and two of them, and so two of us were standing while they finished up... it was so strange! we finally took our seats (ahem) and waited for our drinks orders to be taken. i'n not really sure what the waitress' game was, but... she took half of the orders, and then... disappeared. about 15 minutes later, the rest of us ordered our drinks...

we scoured the menu options, trying to work out if it was still technically 'brunch' (it was after 2pm) if we hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch, or if we should eat from the lunch or deli menus. all in all, there was a brilliant selection of healthy, organic food, for all sorts of dietary requirements. i was very pleased with this, that's for sure! another free-from win for me (two days in a row, and no prawn decapitation required!).

there was a mixed bag of orders from the rest of the girls; deli menu for me (broccoli and goats cheese quiche with a giant serve of puy lentil and saffron rice salad. no much nom!), a couple of burgers, and a few bits of the brunch menu. we certainly weren't making things easy for the staff that day. to be fair though, they kinda kept messing up... first the drinks, then someone got something they didn't order, someone else got a really under-cooked burger and... the meals were coming out as and when they were ready, meaning some of the hot food eaters either had cold food, or were ushered to eat before everyone else. i hate that.

just as a few of the meals were placed down on the table, someone noted how dark it was looking outside. within seconds, we heard an almighty *crack* of thunder, and the sky opened up once more. this restaurant was on the corner of a road, so had two mostly-exposed sides that were covered by french doors. french doors that were totally open because of *what a nice day it was*. the staff frantically rushed to close the doors and batten down the hatches while the torrential rain from earlier came at us all, inside, from all angles. it was hilarious. umbrellas were used. menus become shelter. food became wet and ruined. meanwhile, i'm sure plenty people filmed it, because - as mentioned, it was hilarious.

thankfully, i was wearing my new and adorable lilac felt bowler, so my hair remained in tact during the downpour. this is something apparently people are genuinely worried about. sometimes i fail at being a girl.

is it brunch at 2pm? tell me your thoughts.

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  1. I dont like indoor rain but i like healthy food so i like the sound of this place a lot... would you go again or nope?

  2. Looks like amazing food, but thats crazy you were using menu's and umbrellas in the middle of the restaurant! Wish someone had filmed it, ha!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. Sounds like a very entertaining "brunch" haha! You can have brunch at 2pm so long as I can have breakfast food at dinner time haha :)

  4. Oh my gosh, what an excellent story! It sounds like you managed to have a great time anyway! :)

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  5. it certainly was memorable! :)

  6. i think you mean "brinner"! brinner is perfectly acceptable!

  7. haha, i might check youtube and see if anyone did ;-)


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