by / 14 August 2014

w.i.w.t | the pewter loafer remix

hat*: asos | tee : h&m | dress : new look | shoes : debenhams

so, you met this shoe + hat combo earlier in the week, and i promised you that there'd be second outfit. well, this is it; i'm nothing if not a man of my word, and i'll be honest - this is my favourite of the two outfits. i even wore a version of this out to brunch on sunday (i added tights cos cold and also changed tee cos a bit plain). i think i've effectively talked myself into loving these shoes, which was kind of the point of this wee challenge of mine.

i was also super pleased to fit back into (kind of) this chambray number i picked up on sale for pennies but also in a size too small late last year, when i was gymming and startving myself and all those *fun* things. i went to register at the doctors last week (been having some scary pins and needles caused by a trapped nerve, oh noes!) and in my new patient health check discovered i've lost almost eight kilos (about a stone) since march. so, that's a nice benefit of all the crap i've been through this year; being able to wear this cute dress. yes. a great benefit.

i love re-shopping my own wardrobe; i save so much money just by losing weight and re-discovering clothes. it's crazy what i've found just by opening my damn eyes..!


  1. I love that dress layered over the lace top! I have a dress that's almost the same shape and you've inspired me to layer something cute underneath it. I really like those pewter flats too!

    Jamie |

  2. Love the dress / top combination and the hat and shoes are total winners!

  3. looks cute.. and u look 8 kilos is way more then half a stone x

  4. Beautiful as always :)

    Pam @

  5. The white t-shirt is super cute. I also really like the shoes, well done for convincing yourself the same. x

  6. I've been meaning to mention for a while that you're looking extra hot ;)
    Love this little dress so summery! xxx

  7. extra hot eh... thanks babes! XO

  8. thanks Janis... just needed a prod in the right direction I think!

  9. oh, thanks so much Pam - you're too kind! x

  10. hmm yeah, you're right. I checked and it's like, 1.2 stone or something. which sounds a lot?

  11. oh YAY! this makes me happy, because you're my style soulmate! <3


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