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28 August 2014

w.i.w.t | moody blues

dress : dorothy perkins | bag + belt : primark (yes, seriously) | shoes : valleygirl

arrrggghhhh this bag you guys! yes, yes. you've seen it before in tan. and a million other times in multiple colours and variations of size, yes. i get it, i have a problem. but, when i saw this pastel beauty in primark the other day, and for less than a tenner, i knew it was coming home with me. i was after a travel handbag for our austrian jaunt this week, and for one that would go with my backpack. well, this one ticks all the boxes!

anyhoo, while you read this, i will be wearing (a version of) this pretty outfit (depending on the weather) on the sound of music tour in salzburg. i grabbed this dress from the sale rack at dotty p without trying it on, thinking a dotty p size 12 would be ok for me, right? well uhm, it's actually quite roomy. which will be nice for a day of travelling about, yes, but generally pretty annoying. there's no way i've dropped to a size 10 - not with these boobs, so why oh why are dress sizes so inconsistent? wah. anyway, totally cute with this pastel pink rope belt that i bought for these types of situations. 

annoyingly, rope belts are the only ones that fit me right now also; i don't know how i didn't notice this weight loss journey as it was happening, and only after the fact, but it's incredibly difficult to wear most of my wardrobe now. 

bring on winter weight, eh! 
(partial joke)

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  1. I love your dress. Hope you're enjoying Salzburg, I've always wanted to go!


    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Love the shoes.....and the outfit looks great on you :)

    Pam @ pamsstuffandthings.blogspot.com

  3. Love the dress! It's a gorgeous colour on you. And I'd say you're most definitely a 10 dollface. Sorry etc.

    Hope you're enjoying singing on the mountainside. Bring me back a goat or Cap'n Von Trapp or something yeah? xxx


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