columbia road flower market | hoxton

just a few snaps from my morning out at the columbia road flower market on sunday. rebekah and i wandered over after a delicious brunch at ginger pig in hoxton, and got caught in the midday crowd. we should have known better, but getting anywhere before 10am was really a bit of a laugh, wasn't it? it was a nice day to be out at least; the rain stayed away and the wind was light, so it was nice to be out in layers, and not getting too windswept (especially having just washed my hair!) along the way.

we found some really strange looking plants out at the market this time - we both picked up a couple of stems of brassica, as well as a potted one so we can try and grow our own. it's basically a cabbage flower? it sounds so weird, and when you look at them, they totally look like cabbages, but something about them really caught our eyes... i mean, look at the colours of them! so damn pretty!

on a dreary london morning, it's definitely any wonder so many colours can exist in the same one place. and funnily enough, even despite the crowds milling around and clamouring for the same stalls and trying to fight each other off the last of the good-looking roses, there's surprisingly no attitude about it all. it's the effect flowers have on people, yo. trust me. flowers make people better humans.