snapshots of vienna

we arrived in vienna in the late afternoon, and as we drove through the wide streets to our hotel in the museum quartier, we immediately felt overwhelmed; this was going to be nothing like salzburg was. we dumped our bags, recharged the batteries, then headed out to see what we could see in the immediate area. we had two more days in this city, and wanted to get our bearings, so... off we went!

as we wandered through rathausplatz, we stumbled across a film festival prepping for a night screening in the huge car park, and a delicious-smelling food and drink festival in full swing. we wandered among the crowds and basically noted how gross everything was. i mean, the architecture? horrible. the gardens? disgusting. the intricate details on everything? ew. just, ew. our time in vienna was going to be marred by all the eye sores. we were doomed from the start.

on the way back later that night we stopped back at the festival and enjoyed some of the local drinkies before heading off for dinner. we chose a pretty little restaurant called 'einsteins' that did a double weiner schnitzel for about ten quid. double. weiner. schnitzel. and check out the roof on that bad boy.

say it with me guys, gaah-rooosssssss.