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15 October 2014

homeslice pizza | covent garden

ever wondered what a pizza the size of a table would look like? wonder no longer. enter homeslice pizza in covent garden's neil's yard. hobbs and i met for dinner there before heading out to the west end last friday night, and we made all of our pizza fantasies come true. not least of all because of the prosecco they served on tap, nor because of the super attractive and attentive wait staff they had working that night. no no no, not for those reasons alone. partly for those reasons, partly because of freaken table-sized pizza reasons.

we split a pizza fifty/fifty, and decided on half goats shoulder, red kale and sumac yoghurt, and half queen scallops, salsa verde, peanuts and watercress. right? how incredible do they both sound. that question is rhetorical, because i actually already know the answer; the answer is "very".

we each ate no more than a quarter of that damn pizza each, which left us tones for the girls we were meeting before the theatre. the restaurant was filling up super quickly, and there was a line all the way out the door, and we were two people sat at a table made for four. rather than give up two of our seats, we grabbed the rest of the pizza to go and sat out in neil's yard eating cold pizza on paper plates like couple of tramps. hahah...i only like sharing with friends, not strangers.

have you been to homeslice; which is your favourite pizza?

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  1. Ah this has been on my list forever! Dying to go even more now!

  2. I went there a few weeks ago and in fact sat at that table. Such a great place and I had the one with cauliflower and it was beautiful and I love the huge bottles of wine that they bring and then measure at the end to see how much you have drunk :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  3. Looks amazing...and huge! I want pizza now x


  4. Oh my gosh!!!! Drooool! Looks incredible
    Rosie xx

  5. I haven't been and now I feel like my entire life has been a waste.

    WANT. xx

  6. you must. you're welcome. x

  7. you'll never know just how delicious this whole experience was!

  8. so huge, so delicious! x

  9. that sounds daunting Pam, not gonna lie. the cauliflower, on the other hand, sounds incredible.

  10. SOPHIE! it was SO GOOD.

  11. Oh LORD. I thought that was a communal pizza - I didn't realise that was just for you guys! Amazing. Need to go.

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

  12. it was the length of my torso Jo. my TORSO.


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