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14 October 2014

asos sale pinks

i am broke. how did this happen? pay day is still two weeks away, how did this happen? oh yeah, cocktails aren't cheap, that's how that happened. oh well. it's typical then that asos would have an extra awesome sale on two weeks into the pay month, over a weekend where i've done nothing but lounge around and mope a bit online, and of course, i can't buy any of the the things. i suppose it's a good thing then that i'm excellent at window shopping and saving items to my basket, huh.

also, now that i'm totally inked (ha), i've started dressing a bit differently; like, i try to dress around the tattoo so that my outfit always compliments it. this is hard when the majority of my wardrobe is already floral, a ha, but easy when it comes to wearing pink. it's the colour i have the most of in my wardrobe, obviously, and like i keeeeep saying, one i'm happy to wear all year 'round. rebekah reckons i should just wear black all the time like her, but... can't. so, pink it is!

totally in love with the pink leather jacket in the top left, and it's marked down like 50% or something already which is madness, but... adorable, and technically a bargain too. those floral boots in the middle are of a similar sitch, and i just honestly love them. they're like, everything i've ever wanted in a shoe. and, that felt fedora needs to join my hat collection pronto. i don't have a fedora yet, only a bunch of bowlers, and i think this is definitely the one i need to buy. for £11, it's crazy cheap and i want it.

how's your month looking so far; fancy buying me a hat?
i'm kidding. if it's your shout, i'll take the jacket, ta.

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  1. I love the dress! And the clogs. Why don't I own pink clogs yet? Also the jacket is one of those things where you need it in your life, but I don't think I could ever spend that much on one item of clothing, because i'm a cheapskate.

  2. Fab! I love the colour of that satchel and the fedora is gooorgeous!! :D xx

  3. I love the jacket and clogs! Cocktails sure are expensive, but I guess having fun with friends is more important than shopping ;)

  4. Those floral boots are amazing. lm sure if I had a tattoo I would dress to compliment it too, especially in the beginning. I love asos, I hate when sales happen so much after Ive spent my check but too long before I get the next one.


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