my autumn uniform (apparently)

you'd be forgiven for thinking you were seeing quadruple here, but the simple explanation is, i think something akin to 'growing up' has happened and my wardrobe has somehow become a little... less 'erica' than it used to be. also, i bought the best pair of boots i've ever owned, and dayum i feel so grown up in them (and what's with the new pose?), that i've been kiiiinda dressing around them, and i've not gone a day without them since they were delivered just over two weeks. 

seriously, i never, ever, ever wear the same thing this many times without feeling a bit of a loser. like genuinely, i have enough clothes in my wardrobe to wear a new outfit every single day of the year without recycling them, and yet since receiving these boots, i've baaaaasically been wearing the same outfit/s without shame. why? cos i look totally adorable, if i do say so myself.
i will hands up admit i am not a 'trendy' person. i don't buy into the latest craze and am not a fashion victim; as a short and curvy girl, i know what i can and can't wear, and dress to flatter my shape and to always be comfortable. i'm not bothered about 'looking on trend', i am all about looking freaken cute. and warm and also comfortable. did i mention the comfortable bit? yes, well, it's important. to me.

you can pretty much count on me wearing one of three things: 1. florals, 2. polka dots, or 3. the colour pink. like, those things are a pretty much dead certainty as far as my gettng ready in the mornings go, and it will be a strange day for all when i come home after shopping with anything that doesn't somehow fit into those categories. so, it's nice to see that this new and improved, somewhat 'grown up' version of me is still sticking to the basics.

note to self: buy more fluffy jumpers, and get a back up pair of boots. 
i am going to wear these out, i can feel it.