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16 October 2014

forbidden broadway | vaudeville theatre, the strand

i picked up el cheapo tickets for fordidden broadway all thanks to my fave el cheapo website, lastminute.com. i'd heard nothing but good things about the show from those i knew who'd been, and - i'm sorry, when the tickets are only a tenner, i have a problem saying no. i rounded up the girls and we headed along last friday after work.

the girls really had no idea what to expect, and i suppose, neither did i; i knew it was a comedy, and likely to make fun of some of my favourite west end shows, but i was not expecting it to be as entertaining as it was. "entertaining" probably doesn't even allow the cast the kudos they deserve - a cast of only four, whose vocal ranges and comedy timing were both incredibly on point, sung and danced their way around the very budget and no-frills stage for an almost-two hour show.

again, i say "almost", as there was an unexpected interval into the second act when the cast couldn't keep their composure during a particularly funny skit. i love watching actors laugh at themselves. i guess it's a bit unprofessional, but when they break from character i just think it shows that they're human and not unaffected by comedy just because they play the same skits over and over again. once it was back on with the show, i think we were all anticipating the next big laugh. it never really came again after that sadly.

the women in particular had incredible ranges. one of the cast played both idina menzel and kristen chenoweth in different stages of wicked, and also frozen, and she was terrifyingly excellent. she nailed both of the accents, the notes and the tones that these completely different women sing in, and it was incredible to watch. some of the best skits were the ones that ripped on my favourite shows, and we were in bits laughing along at the jokes on overacting, pointless songs, and terrible direction, because again, it's funny when you see professionals make fun of themselves.

it was just reeeeally good, guys, and if you ever get a chance to see it, i'd highly recommend it!

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  1. This sounds incredible, I am going to try and get a ticket!

    Maria xxx

  2. you're the reason I went along to this; it had a lot to live up to! thankfully it was pretty bloody funny :D x

  3. lastminute.com always have cheapish ones; next time you're in London, you'll have to pop along x


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