w.i.w.t | pastel purse-fection

jumper + dress : h&m* | boots : new look* | bag : tmart* | glasses : firmoo

i saw both the jumper and the dress in h&m recently, and mused that i adored both. at £15 each, and on the wrong side of payday, it wasn't going to happen. but then, dee and i went to camden a few sundays ago and i found both pieces on the sale rail there; the dress for four pounds, and the jumper for seven. with a voucher in hand and no time to dilly dally, both items then became mine. naturally.

when i got it all home, i mused to dee how perfectly the dress complimented by new bucket bag from tmart. she totally agreed. and then this outfit happened; you're welcome. it's now... october, and because the sun was still streaming out on sunday, i totally wore this all-pastel outfit in autumn and felt okay about it. i suppose i autumned it up a biiiit by adding the chelsea boots, and i even (foolishly) grabbed the leather jacket... just in case (did not need it).

i've been trying to wear my glasses a bit more on the weekend, so this pastel outfit was the perfect thing to team with my favourite lilac pair too. pastels are for every season, right? right!