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31 December 2014

christmas at kew

a couple of weeks ago, rebekah, charlotte and i made the epic journey to kew gardens after work for a unique, after-dark experience. guided by snowflakes, we followed a one-mile twinkling trail as it wound its way through the world-famous botanic gardens in west london. we weren't totally sure what to expect, but once inside the grounds, we found giant light sculptures, the tunnel of lights, mistletoe moments and so much more. like, the creepiest sound track that will do nothing but haunt your dreams, playing simultaneously while a seizure-inducing light show flashes across the park's pond, and makes it impossible to try and avoid bumping into strangers.

it was really pretty though, and the nightly event is only on for another couple of days before it packs up for another year. i would definitely say go,  if you get a chance. advanced tickets are on sale here for £15, or you can grab them on the door for slightly more. remember: kew is far. be warned.

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