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21 February 2015

erica cooks | garlic and chilli prawn courgetti

can you believe it? i bloody cooked. since moving into my *new* flat (almost eight months ago), i've kinda lost the love i once had for cooking. partly because cooking for one is so damn boring, and partly because - well, because i'm hardly in for dinner these days, and all i usually manage to whip up for sustenance is a stir fry of some sort. you guys know i love a noodle dish.

but when you hear about a dish doing the rounds, being talked about with such high regard as that which both kale and quinoa (keen-wah, guys...) once were, you know you're in for a middle-class/hipster revelation of foodie proportions. you guys know what i'm talking about... 

say it with me now: courgetti.

i'm not going to give you a recipe break down, because it's honestly not the hardest dish in the world to prepare (i basically used this one for the actual courgetti, but, how difficult is it to peel a couple of courgettes and flash fry them for a couple of minutes in a hotttt pan? not very, to be fair), and i'd feel kind of... patronising to do that to you.

what i will report is this: it was tasty. well, the sauce was tasty (chilli and garlic prawns in homemade tomato sauce with basil and spinach...om nom), and the ribbons of courgetti were... mostly wet and tasted of nothing. they were a decent replacement for the pasta (i don't really like traditional pasta, which is why i was keen on trying this healthy alternative), but.. i was still hungry after i'd finished eating. one courgette was maybe not enough for one person, so next time i will probably opt for 1.5 per person and see if that fills me up nicely.

the dish was certainly pretty colourful, so i can see how this dish has become an instagram favourite. i wasn't like, totally sold on the whole thing, but while i have courgettes laying about in my crisper, will probably give it another go. i mean, what else do you do with courgettes?

have you tried courgetti yet - if so, give us your honest opinion below.

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