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10 February 2015

w.i.w.t | gettin' shirt(dress)y

hat + boots*: asos | cardigan : primark | shirt dress : new look

so, i bought another fluffy cardi, because i totally needed another fluffy cardi, huh? i mean, if you were to pull out my jumper drawer and assess the types of jumpers within, you would note with interest that more than 80% of them are in fact, fluffy. i honestly don't know where this addiction has come from, as i recall my very first fluffy purchase, and musing how i doubted the trend would "catch on". i mean, more fool me, really.

i have been hankering for a fluffy black cardi for sometime though; i have a fluffy black jumper, and a fluffy white cardi, but there's just been a gap in the wardrobe for a fluffy black cardi that just needed resolving so i headed down to primark nice and early on saturday, and nabbed this wee number for twelve of your great british pounds. hardly a bargain, i know, but seeing as i needed it, i managed to convince myself it was worth putting it on the credit card.

this is how i consistently get through life, and how i constantly amass new shoes.
(like these amazing grey leather-look boots, right?)

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