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17 February 2015

w.i.w.t | the wedding guest wore...

after much to-ing and fro-ing about what i was going to wear to the wedding of the year, the decision was firmly made when this scuba dress made its way into my wardrobe late last month by way of one gift voucher and discount code for asos. at just over twenty quid, but still almost half of the original price, it was ticking all the boxes i'd mentally prepared for a winter-wedding-appropriate dress; had sleeves, was thick/was lined, could be worn with black tights.

i'd normally veer away from black at weddings (and, well in general too, i suppose), but the amount of other colours contained in this dress made me almost not care that it was against a black background. if anything, i'm totally glad it is on a black background, because it kinda encouraged the wearing of black tights - which, if i'm honest, was a worry i'd had when trying to work out what the hell i was going to wear.

dior lips | scuba dress* + shoes*: asos | heart bag c/o lydc | flower crown : primark

i don't ever bare leg, and i wasn't about to start in the dead of winter, in a country wedding - despite promises from the bride that the fires would be burning from the early morning. i was sure i wanted to wear these nude and glittery platform shoes i'd nabbed last year and hadn't had the opportunity to actually wear in yet, and so it all seemed too perfect when the dress and shoes collided to create this outfit. at first, i wasn't sure that the shoes totally went - i kinda hate wearing light shoes with black tights, but... how could i not wear them? they're so perfectly me, and they do compliment the dress to a tee.

the heart bag is too kitschy not to be included in a wedding-guest outfit, and now that i have a black dress to wear, it seemed like the natural choice! to compliment the bag and tie the whole black-but-floral theme together, i chose to wear my black floral crown over a lighter one (hard to tell in pictures, because bad, bad lighting) to keep the focus on the dress and shoes, and not my head!

i'm thrilled with how the outfit pulled together, and can't wait to wear it again!

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