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4 February 2015

lexie jean.

this is lexie jean. she is my name sake. well, kinda. we share a middle name, and i'd like to think i was partly the inspiration for naming her that. i don't really think i am, but it's what i'm going to always tell her. she is the three week old muffin of a couple of the best humans i've ever met, louise and james. individually they are amazing, but together they are unstoppable; i mean, look at what they created... lexie is the perfect example of what real love looks like.

lexie is my first friend-daughter; the first baby of my uk friends. sure, all my friends back home are married up and having babies - my best friend lauren had a wee girl last year named ethel that i hope to meet for real one day, but because of boring things like money, and geography, i haven't been able to yet. but of the friends i've made in the last four years, lexie is number one.  and boy, what a way to start a trend.

so yeah it turns out i'm like the baby whisperer. i don't particularly want or like kids, and i don't have that switch in me that goes off whenever a newborn is around that makes most women cripple over with empty-ovary pain. i mean sure, they smell wonderful, and are totally adorable after a few weeks, and do really sweet and innocent things that make you wonder how the world got to be so messed up, when we all started out so sweet. but i'm just not into babies, ok. louise knows this. so she thought she was taunting me when she offered me hugs of lexie on saturday afternoon.

more fool her! she put that baby girl in my arms, and she was instantly smitten. but then again... so was i. our eyes met, and it was love. pure and simple. that baby has a hold of my heart now, and i will ride with her forever.

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