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14 February 2015

pop-ups | where the pancakes are

ok so the most amazing invite popped up on my facebook feed on wednesday, via the frugl app (that i had never heard of and is not available on android, fyi) and the london for free facebook page; as soon as i saw the words 'night of delicious pancakes', i couldn't have clicked through the link fast enough. 

launching today and for the next nine days, where the pancakes are can be found popped-up along the regent's canal in haggerston, serving up nothing but freshly made pancakes and waffles (well, and the occasional cocktail, so). just in time for pancake day this tuesday, the king's terrace at the proud archivist will be transformed into a pancake haven, selling stacks of actually nutritious buckwheat and buttermilk pancakes, with a choice (a choice, you guys) of toppings.

owner and self-taught cook owner/operator patricia has been developing her delicious guilt-free pancakes and brand for the past year; "pancakes are a simple, honest and universally love food, yet, where can we really go to experience the kind of dishes that fuse the ancient art of baking pancakes with modern food trends? that's where the pancakes are..."

so... what else is there to do on a wednesday night, right? on arrival, katy and i were plied with mulled cider and blinis of teeny tiny savoury pancakes, before waiting for what seemed like an eterrrrrnity in a very cold line (while the power went out three.separate.times) for the piece de resistance...

let me tell you this: totally worth the wait. i had mine with agarve and maple syrup, fresh berries and lemon cream, while katy opted for elderflower syrup (i was desperately jealous after she gave me a taste... so tasty!) and the same as above. the elderflower syrup you guys... you guys. i need to invest, because life changing.

we waited in line for almost an hour - we'd arrived by about seven, but ate those suckers in under five minutes flat. they were moist, delicious, and perfectly formed. i would absolutely do that again. even if i had to pay. which you will, because you missed out on free pancake wednesday, which is how i will always remember last wednesday.

it's only around for just over a week, but looking likely to be back in the summer.
get on down to haggerston while they're there!

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