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25 February 2015

w.i.w.t | these boots were made for...

i have been coveting dark grey boots for such a long time; i had an idea in my head of what they'd look like, and what i'd wear them with, and how slim and feminine they'd make my cankles look, and yet... i couldn't find any that i liked (and within my price range, i should add) for the longest time. then, a week or two before the wedding - when i should have been looking for outfits suitable for that particular affair), i came across these asos-branded bad boys, and on sale no less. meant to be?

i snapped them up and they arrived on a wednesday. that wednesday i decided it would be a really awesome idea to wear my brand new grey booties out for dinner and to the movies, having never, ever worn them before, and despite having actual, comfortable shoes on already, it didn't matter, these were the ones i'd been dreaming of, how could they be anything but comfortable?

hat + boots*: asos | skirt + jacket*: h&m | top c/o bon marche

well, they weren't, and i complained (more than normal) a lot about my sore feet. ben was so fed up he insisted i take them off mid-way through the film. while we were sitting down. i was complaining of sore feet as i sat down to watch a film. i mean, they reheeeaally hurt! i always buy my boots a size up so i can fit socks in, and because i've a wide foot (and a burgeoning bunion, thanks mum!), but even with the extra room, these were incredibly tight. i could barely fit my tights-covered feet in them, let alone a sock, or have any extra breathing room. so, they were put in their box and that's where they stayed... until the weekend.

i decided they were too cute to leave boxed up, and come spring these were going to be a very important part of my wardrobe, so i got to wearing them in. i wore them around the house as i tidied my room, hung some posters, cooked some pancakes, did some general personal admin, and then actually even wore them out of the house - albeit briefly, because they still bloody hurt. baby steps. pun intended.

i know they say we suffer for fashion, but... they've never been more right.
(apologies for the messy room; couldn't be bothered photoshopping out my mess this time.)

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