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16 December 2015

my winter bucket list

even if you're not a big fan of christmas (me - it's lame when you live alone and are single), it's hard to stay a scrooge in london. why? well, it's everywhere for one. like literally, it's everywhere. buses are wearing their festive stickers, bobbies have tinsel in their laces (yes, i really saw that), and the twinkling lights that light up the darkest of afternoons are really a godsend when there's not a lot of other light around. plus, festive drinks on every corner. i didn't know mcdonald's had a festive menu until i maybe, kind of, ~had to relieve myself of one certain hangover post-christmas party. 

everyone's getting in to the spirit, so it's hard to not. especially when there are so many festive activities happening around the city too. like, london is always buzzing, and i am evidence of one busy londoner, but come december, this city ups its game. and the silly and stupid and sad part is, as i've already had a really busy month, and am off up north next monday, i'm going to miss out on a lot of the cool shit this town has to offer this christmas. that doesn't stop me wanting to go to things like....

ice skating somewhere fun : whether it's somerset house or in canary wharf or at winter wonderland, this time of year means there are a shit ton of places to lace your skates up and get out on the ice. i'm not saying i'm good at skating (my broken wrist aged ten is evidence to that), i'm saying it would be fun.

underground cinema club : with a festive line up including elf, love actually, home alone and die hard (which is not a christmas film), the underground cinema club in the waterloo vaults sounds like an awesome and different place to celebrate a christmas film in style. praying that elf doesn't sell out just yet, as i have my eyes on a blogger date there later this week!

winterville : the hipsters' own take on the over-populated winter wonderland, winterville, is back in victoria park until christmas eve-eve, and has once again received mixed-reviews. as in, the hipsters hate it and the rest of us love it. it's more expensive, less busy, and has craft beer and vegan sausages. what's not to love? if that doesn't do it for you, there's also an indie circus, an indie cinema, an indie mini golf range, and an indie ice skating ring. oh, and a bar called humbug. geddit? bar humbug. punny. 

christmas markets galore : oh, i know. it's the same tatt on a different day, but they're a bit of fun, and there's usually some nice and easy christmas gifts to be sought there too. and if nothing else, a boozy hot chocolate and some delicious christmassy treats while you wander the tatt-lined stalls is almost what christmas in london is all about.

tokyo nights at night tales : oh yes, another over-priced street-food-market with all the food i want to eat and all the cocktails i want to drink, and none of the time i have to visit it before it closes this weekend. wah! all reports suggest it's as good as last years, with a nice twist on japanese-fusion and winter treats, with cocktails to die for. whhhy!

speaking of cocktails : there are some seriously impressive christmas-flavoured drinks popping up across the city, and i for one would like to make a point of trying them all. especially the 'gold bellini' at drink, shop, do in king's cross, and the 'winter sloe' in the skylounge. om nom nom, hic!

that's a-maze-ing : last year there was an incredible christmas tree maze created in vauxhall, but it doesn't seem to be back this year. gutted! instead though, the southbank market appears to have erected something similar, and i am totally keen to head down to the market and check it out for myself - and if all else fails, there's even one in edinburgh! maybe i will just save myself for that one.

south pole saloon : a nice little alternate place to celebrate christmas this year, and as the tag line says, "even the south pole needs a pub" - where else would the elves go to drink? this is a winterville-esque food and drink festival that's popped up down south in brixton for the festive season. it too has a wee theatre for immersive shows, craft beers, and all the street-food one could want this december, but it also finishes this weekend. woe!

drinks with a view : and if all the aforementioned boozing isn't quite enough to pickle my liver this christmas, there's more! those genius bastards that brought us alcoholic architecture this year have upped the bar (on themselves) and have been working with scientists to create a wintry wonderland where every single light, sound and experience will provoke a romantic response in you. height of winter will transform the shard's highest level into a sparkle-bombed grotto. edible experiences include mulled champagne and christmas candy floss. yum!

and they say that winter in london is dull; i don't know how i'll fit it all in?!

*all images used were sourced with creative commons licence*