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30 December 2015

wishlist | the house of fraser edit

christmas sales, christmas sales, christmas all the sales! working in retail as a young adult really ruined the idea of the "boxing day sales" for me, having to stay late on christmas eve finishing all the marking down and merchandising, and making sure the system was all set for the updates. even still, the older i get, the sooner these "sales" seem to start. are we just calling them "christmas sales" now, rather than pretend they *begin* on boxing day? never the less, it's sale time once again, and i for one still look forward to these sales in particular, as they're kind of...tradition, if you will.

as soon as the emails hit my inbox, i delve in. this week i found myself checking out leather jackets at house of fraser - not that i even need another one, but this tan faux-suede number had me all heart-eyed as soon as i clicked into it. so soft! so warm! so pretty! it was about that time i fell into the open-tabs black hole of sale-picks doom and wasn't sure how i'd ever live my life without that polka dot skirt. so ~practical, so ~necessary, so ~me. or those leopard print booties at fifty percent off (and also come in black, if that's more your speed), that i just ~know i'll get ~so much wear out of (in what world will i wear leopard print booties?) that it seems ridiculous to not buy more than one pair.

these are the sorts of thoughts i tend to have around christmas sale time. and just in case you too suffer with logic in the same way that i do at this time of year, i'd love to hear what your sale strategy is because at this rate, my credit card is getting maxed in the first online department store i find.

*post written in collaboration with brand*

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