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2 December 2015

style | christmas jumper stylin'

i'm from australia, right? our christmas falls in the middle of summer. because of that, a lot of the "normal" christmas traditions were a bit lost on me growing up. namely: christmas jumpers. it'd be a sweet christmas miracle to wake up to a christmas day where the weather reports were suggesting anything lower than ~another thirty degree day, and so the idea of wearing novelty jumpers to aid the celebrations was always a bit of a "never gonna happen" situation.

now that i'm in the uk of course, and totally used to the unbearably cold christmas days and long weeks and months of grey mornings and misery on either side, well i can now understand. and, i love a novelty jumper at the best of times, but the thing i find a bit naff about christmas jumpers is the colour range. a bit stupid, i know, but i'm not a red-and-green kind of gal, nor do i enjoy a scratchy, cheap poly-blend jumper that everyone else also owns. i like my jumpers a bit...unique.

every  year now i start my hunt for the perfect christmas jumper long before december, knowing that whatever's leftover in the weeks leading up to the big day will never be suitable for me and my picky taste. so, when i found this mohair and wool blend jumper at fat face, in a grey marle and cream print, with tiny love hearts printed all over it and pretty fair isle yoke around the chest, well... it kind of seemed perfect. for me, anyway.

christmas jumper c/o fat face | skirt : new look (old) | shoes c/o shoetique | bag : gift from charles

the grey marle means it absolutely goes with ~everything, which is totally important. i know i said i'm desperately ~not a red kind of girl, but i am also that girl who likes a theme, ok? when i tried to think how to style the jumper in a christmassy way, it seemed only natural to pair it with the colours of the season. the red touches in the mel's i scored from shoetique earlier in the year seemed almost obvious, which also made me naturally grab for the floosie bag charles gave me back in the summer.

the skirt was a bit of a gamble; it's more of a coral than a red, and potentially it clashes a little too much with the accessories. i think the skirt and the shoes are ok together - the shoes being far enough away from the skirt for anyone's eyes to question the clash, but maybe the bag is too much? would love to hear your thoughts on that. plus, you know, camera quality isn't great either.

regardless though, the jumper is bloody warm. the wool and mohair blend totally make this jumper worth the price (not cheap at £45), and as long as you care for your knitwear from the outset, then this sort of christmas jumper is more of an investment than the £15 ones you grab every year and then wear once and push to the back of the cupboard, never to make it to another christmas.

what's your take on christmas jumpers; invest in the best or cheap and cheerful?

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